How We Work

Step 1 - Lifestyle

Getting to know you is the first step on our journey together. This unique approach sets the tone for the entire project. Caliber believes the relationship we establish with our clients and the vision we collectively share for your project is what differentiates us from our competition. Through our “lifestyle discovery” process we formalize design concepts around new spaces, new styles and new functions that are distinctively designed to meet your needs.

Step 2 - Uniquely Qualified Team

Caliber can adapt to your exclusive construction needs given we are not limited or confined to specific design styles by in-house services. This advantage is our secret formula and results in a high level of customer satisfaction among our clients. We are heavily networked within the building industry so we can guide the selection of suitable architects, engineers, and brokerage firms that best meets the needs of our client’s through every aspect of the project. Deep relationships within the sub-contractor ecosystem enables Caliber to deliver the shared vision.

Step 3 - Pre-Build

A Home Building Program formalizes the description of your project from inception to delivery based on a shared vision. The first iteration of the construction budget will be developed based on information discovered during program development. Budgets will align with requirements of accredited lending institutions when necessary. This phase’s scope is fit-for-purpose and may include activities such as site/home studies, survey/soil studies, initial plan creation, and project design boards. The Pre-build phase is a fee-based, multi-month contractual engagement enabling the client to make critical decisions about their project.

Step 4 – Build

Home Building Program execution is where Caliber excels. This phase is the rewarding part of the engagement for us and the exciting phase for our clients! From pre-build through construction, your project is guided by one of our experienced managers who partners with a team of selected specialists. Team continuity throughout the project is one of our core principles. With a dedicated team engaged we put our most qualified and knowledgeable resources on your project to achieve the best result.

We continuously improve our operational efficiencies by augmenting design and build processes with leading industry technology. Self-service information technology enables our clients to access and manage budgets, schedules, build selections, project documentation, and communications thereby enhancing program transparency.

Step 5 – Live your life

Delivery is where dreams are realized and expectations met reaping the rewards of the delivery team’s expertise and hard work. We value the simple things in life: watching children light up over their new rooms, having the family pet discover its own exterior door, parking in the new garage for the first time.

Upon delivery, we will acquaint you with your new spaces, providing operational and maintenance details. At the 30-day mark we will check in to see how everything feels and works, fine-tuning as necessary. At eleven months, we will reconnect again to address any questions that may have surfaced over the home’s first year of life. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction.

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